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This is definitely the best source for any kind of weather, tidal or any other mariner information around - given you have an connection.

From access to any kind of weather data, satellite films, radar films, forecast, up to your own personalized weather routing you can download everything - and most of it for free.

What you also should give a try is downloading your "weather" in GRIB file format.

Screenshot of free GRIB Reader UGrib

GRIB means Grid In Binary, a format developed by World Meteorological Organization to enable data exchange across the borders of different national Computer systems. Meanwhile you find homepages offering GFS-Daten (Global Forecast System) in Grib-Format for Download.
Sooner or later every navigation software will display GRIB information as well - most of them already do. Meantime UGrib is software you should have installed on your laptop.
When I last tried the download only worked with Microsoft Internet Explorer....I hope this get´s fixed soon.


Grib.us GRIB - Data for free UGrib Software for free!

Deutscher Wetterdienst
British Met Office
HNMS Hellenic National Meteorological Service, Greece
Meteo France
ZAMG Zentral Anstalt für Meteorolgie und Geodynamik, Austria
KNMI Netherlands
NOAA National Oceanic & Athmospheric Administration, the Source!
NHC Brasil Navy Hidrographic Center, Brasil
SMA Chile Servicio Meteorologico de la Armada, Chile
Servicio Meteorologico Nacional Argentina
HKO Hongkong Observatory
JMA Japan Meteorological Agency
BoM Bureau of Meteorology, Australia
New Zeeland Met Office

Deutschland Radio
Oceanweather private, US-based homepage, global Service

Wind Guru Windsurfer-homepage, best on spot prognosis for wind!
Wind FinderA Windsurfer knows it...

Weatherbericht SMS-Service to your mobile

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