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Technically very simple, available nearly everywhere given you own a SSB receiver. Mine is a Sangean 909, which seems to be quite common among yachts.

Sangean 909, charttable

For the easy availability this is still one of the favorites. Most Radio Station broadcast "enduser" weather forecast, and nearly all nations have specialised stations like
Deutschland Radio to provide weather and tidal services to mariners.

As most of those speakers speak quite fast and most of them in a - at least to me - foreign language I record them if necessary.

Of course with the laptop.....a simple Line cable is all additional hardware you need :

Connect the Headphones- or the Line Output of your Receiver to the input on the souncard of your laptop (often signed with a red microphone)

Line cable

Start the Audio recorder (given you use WIN XP)
Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Media -> Audiorecorder.

Audiorecorder in Windows XP

Now you should already hear the Radio signal through your soundcard, from your PC Speakers - just press the red "Record" button: Tape is rolling...

You don´t hear the signal? Have a look at Edit -> Audio Preferences to set the Input and Output volume.

Frequencies and Schedules you find on the Internet, wether on the homepages of the Radio Stations, on official homepages like BSH or British Admiralty (List of Radiosignals) or on many private homepages. A few of them below....

Your SSB Receiver can do much more together with your laptop, more: here .

Bundesamt f. Schifffahrt u. Hydrographie Nautischer Funkdienst
British Admiralty Admiralty List of Digital Radio Signals, global
Deutschland Radio Weatherforecast by Deutschland-Radio
Segelsport List of frequencies, private
Weather - Info Another private list, many other weather links

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